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Voelz Lab receives NSF funding

posted Jul 18, 2014, 8:18 PM by Vincent Voelz
We have just received an award from the National Science Foundation.  This is the first major research grant awarded to the Voelz Lab.  The funded research is a collaborative effort with the Roder Lab at Fox Chase Cancer Center, aimed at understanding early stages of folding in the 153-residue protein apomyoglobin, using a combination of cutting-edge experimental and computational approaches.  This project is exciting because it aims to extend our understanding of folding to larger proteins with more complex folding behavior.

The first official joint group meeting between the Roder and Voelz Lab was held this week.   Prof. Roder was generous to give the Voelz Lab a tour of his experimental facilities.

Prof. Roder discussing the cryo-probe used in the NMR magnet

Prof. Roder describing the photodetection apparatus used in folding kinetic studies